Sample H-1B Client Letter

If you work as a contractor and currently working for a client (consulting job), the client letter is a very important document in your checklist to carry to the U.S. Consulate for your visa stamping.

The details which need to be mentioned in the client letter are:

  • The client letter needs to be on the company letter head
  • Your name, title and work responsibilities needs to be clearly described
  •  Must mention the length of project
  • If there exists a vendor layer, the vendor name  needs to be mentioned(In case of EVC model)
  • The letter needs to signed by your manager or any authorized personnel
  • The contact details of the person whom you report to needs to be mentioned in the letter
Here is a SAMPLE H1-B CLIENT LETTER shared by one of our H1B wiki reader.

[Print on Client  letterhead ]

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please be advised that <<CLIENT NAME>>, has contracted <<VENDOR NAME>> to be provided with programming, systems analysis, and engineering related services at our facility located at <<ADDRESS>>. <<EMPLOYEE NAME>> of <<EMPLOYER NAME>> has been selected to work as a Software Engineer on a project at our facility located at <<ADDRESS>>.

<<EMPLOYEE NAME>> will work on a project titled: XXXXXX

His primary job responsibilities include the following:

  • Analysis, design and develop the XXXXX project
  • Maintain and enhance the XXXXX.
  • Develop the Web applications using Flex, Spring and BlazeDS
  • Use Blaze DS for exchange of objects between the client and the server.
  • Use Java, Openfire and Blaze DS for the Messages communications.
  • Interacting with Managers and gather requirements from the feature requests.
  • Ensure all the requirements are translated in technical terms

The technical environment will include: Flex, Flash Builder 4, Mysql, Eclipse, Maven, Java, Spring, Windows 7, Jboss, Apache tomcat, Openfire, Html, CSS.

 The minimum education, training, and experience necessary to perform the job duties is a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.  <<(EMPLOYEE NAME>> will work with peers, supervisors and subordinates who also hold a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree. The duration of this project is ongoing in duration and expected to exceed three years.  The Beneficiary will work a 40 hour week.

Compensation will be paid by his H-1B employer, <<EMPLOYER NAME>> who will be his actual employer.<<EMPLOYEE NAME>> will be operating at all times under the control of <<EMPLOYER NAME>> management and all activities, including managerial supervision and hiring and firing decisions, as well as performance evaluations are controlled by <<EMPLOYER NAME>>.   In sum, <<CLIENT NAME>> will not have the right to control <<EMPLOYEE NAME>> and will not have the authority to assign him to different client sites.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me.



Engineering Manager

We would like to hear from you. If you have attended a H-1B interview while working as a consultant or a contractor, please write to us your visa experience. This will help the blog readers. Please share your experience in the comments section. Suggest the visitors the necessary documents from client and the employer.

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  • Spondon

    I work as a contractor at a client location and their new policy is that they don’t give out any more client letters. This new policy took effect last year. So, what are my options? Do you think creating a reference list of my client managers would help? My employer (not client) has already provided me with a employer-verification document, but somehow I feel that is not enough. My LCA however states my client’s address, so not sure if just mentioning that to VO would help. Please advise.

  • Sw

    My client is giving a letter but with end date as “september 2013 would be extended based on project needs”. Will it be a problem to send that client letter to USCIS as from October H1-B validity starts and client is mentioning end date till september 2013. is there any chances of denial or geting for only 6months..or will it be better to not submit client letter and just submit vendor letter which says 1year and may be extended. ????please please advice

    • ashok

      hi what happend to your client letter and H1B

      Please let us know.