H1B Visa Lottery 2014 : As H1BWiki predicted, H1B Visa 2014 Cap has reached its limit this Friday 04/05/2013. The History has repeated once again. This happened earlier in 2008, when USCIS accepted H-1B applications for Fiscal Year 2009. This post highlights the USCIS announcement on H1B cap and also describes the lottery process which would take place at the earliest in this month (April 2013).


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Highlights from the USCIS announcement in regards to H1b Visa 2014:

  • The USCIS received a sufficient amount of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap for the Fiscal Year 2014.
  • The USCIS also received more than 20,000 H-1B petitions under the advanced degree category (Masters, PhD).
  •  The USCIS has not yet revealed the exact count of applications received.
  • No more H-1B petitions will be accepted by the USCIS for the Fiscal Year 2014 after the 5th April 2013.
  • The USCIS will conduct a lottery or computer-generated random selection process  for all FY 2014 cap-subject petitions received through April 5th , 2013.

H1b Visa Lottery 2014 Process

Looking at what USCIS has done in the past during Fiscal Year 2009, here are the steps USCIS would take this year to select the applications, subject to cap to process for this year:

  • Label Petitions with Unique Numerical Identifiers

The USCIS would first count the total number of applications received from April 1st, 2013 until April 5th 2013. These petitions would be given a unique numerical identifier.

  • First Lottery for Advanced Degree Category (20,000 petitions)

The first lottery or computer-generated random selection process will be conducted on the petitions qualifying for the 20,000 master’s degree or higher degree exemption (advanced degree). 20,000 petitions are selected from the total advanced degree petitions received by the USCIS.

  • Second Lottery for General Category And Remaining Advanced Degree Category (65,000 petitions)

The second lottery is conducted on those  petitions which were not selected through the first lottery process (under advanced degree category), together with the general H-1B petitions for the 65,000 cap.

  • Wait-listed Petitions

USCIS would “wait-list” some H-1B petitions, which may possibly replace petitions selected under the lottery for Fiscal Year 2014, but are  subsequently denied, withdrawn, or otherwise found ineligible. USCIS will retain these petitions until a decision is made whether they will replace a previously selected petition.  USCIS will send a letter to the wait list petitioners to inform them of their status.

  • Selected Petitions List sent to Processing Centers

The list of the selected petitions is sent to the appropriate service centers for further adjudication of the petitions. The service centers would then continue with the final processing on those petitions.

  • Selected Petitions Receive Receipt Letter

In regards to all the petitions selected  through the lottery process, the petitioners will receive a receipt notice, with the EAC Number, useful to track the status  of your petition.

  • USCIS returns unselected Petitions With Fee

The USCIS will return those petitions not selected in the lottery to the respective petitioners along with the fee. It is also important to know that the duplicate filings will be returned without the fee.

H1BWiki hope luck favors you, since that is the only thing which plays the major role  at this point. Good Luck to all those waiting on the decision from USCIS.

  • Akhil

    What a freaking disappointment .. All the life I built so far with time, money, my parents hope and my future will all depend on lottery .. I should have seen this coming but i may loose lottery but I will never loose hope

    Any suggestions…

    • http://profiles.google.com/pallavmishra pallav mishra

      Maybe asking the employer to consider applying for an L1 petition later could be an option, though there were quite a few L1 rejections last year that made employers file more H1 petitions this year..

    • http://profiles.google.com/pallavmishra pallav mishra

      Maybe asking the employer to consider applying for an L1 petition later could be an option, though there were quite a few L1 rejections last year that made employers file more H1 petitions this year..

      • akhil

        Thanks Mishra I will talk about this with my lawyer .. will see what they say

    • Dmytro

      It is not the last chance bro

      • akhil

        Thanks dude for your support … I feel better now

    • Maheswari

      Akhil…we should raise our voice until it reaches to the concerned authorities..my situation is also same….

      • akhil

        Thanks Maheshwari.. We should we will do what we can ..we should start with signing petition to gov

        • Prad

          Yes Man…we should rise our voice till it reaches to US gov. But don’t know how to initiate it…

    • Parvez Ahmad

      “my future will all depend on lottery”. It is a tall statement I would say. Wold will not end for you my friend if you don’t get H1b.

      • akhil

        Thanks my friend … God bless you

    • NadsH

      Do not worry Akhil, my application is in that pool as well. Do not be disheartened, “if this does not come along, something else better will”, thats the mantra I am following.

      • akhil

        Thanks dude .. May god bless us

    • Anant

      WOW! I can’t anyone would think that their entire future is dependent on whether they would be allowed to stay here or not! Go back to India, or go to some other country if not picked. Its not like US is the only nation in the world, a person with real skill can make money even in Antarctica!!!

  • Raja Vikram

    What is the base for Waitlist…How would USCIS selects some petitions on wait list..???

  • Raja Vikram

    What is the base for Waitlist…How would USCIS selects some petitions on wait list..???

    • akhil

      According what I read it will be a random process to select X number of people hoping around x application will be denied and with drawn, However USCIS will never reveal if there is any criteria for these people … Many reasons sited for this include if they reveal too much information people can eye into random prediction and also high stakes from subsidary company’s mostly located in India

  • nikhil rao

    How much time it may take for the lottery process?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=691761370 Anandh Balakrishnan

    Easiest way to do this would be to time stamp the applications and then pick the first 65000 and the first 20000. The lottery method leaves it to probability! At this point, for some one like me it is a simple 1/85000 assuming no bias in picking one application over the other. Seems a little to idiotic for a group of visa applications that are for professional engineers and scientists.

    • Jitin

      To my know knowledge there must be around 25k Masters H1B applicants out of which 20K to be choosen. Remaining 5k still get another shot in the lottery for Non Masters selection. Actual prob of Masters cap guys is far better than non Masters..

  • Nick

    Uuuuu……Either you like it or hate it….you have to take it!!!!

  • Pavan

    Please sign this petition for removing the H1B cap for 2014: 100,000 signatures needed by May 06 2013


    Please sign this petition ASAP and post it in other websites/blogs.

    Well worth a try!

  • WorriedImmigrant

    Any idea when the result of the lottery be known?

  • NadsH

    Here is the twitter link


  • lionking

    Please vote for this petition to avoid future lottery – atleast at 65k level


  • Faraz
  • ssss

    well waitlist would also be based on lottery I guess

  • Sid

    Are we sure they made 65000 petitions available for just 58,200. Considering that 6,800 are allocated to SIngapore/Chile.

    • akhil

      Yes for 2014 FY cap

  • Narean

    Can we use the tracking# to check whether uscis returning the package? Or will they send it as new postage.

  • ivaris

    when we will come to know whether application is taken for further processing or returned?

  • Namita Jain

    hi all , mu visa filed in 65k category from vermont service center. did anybody got receipt no or any update from emp? please update me …i did not heard anything still…all the best to everyone

  • h12014

    My hr just told me that my lottery has been picked-up, it was a premium processing on masters degree.I m so relieved. Thank god and i wish you all a very good luck!!

    • Roma

      Hey, congrats and did your HR get any letter from USCIS? I am still waiting to hear from them.

      • h12014

        Thank you Roma and Yes, she said she got the receipt letter from USCIS via Email. And I hope you get yours too:)

    • h12014

      Hi all,

      My H1b case was approved on april 19th.
      All the best for everyone else.


  • H1

    Don’t worry guys …. Hope for the best.

  • Alex

    Are any of you, guys, still waiting for the response? I wonder how long does it take to get your result.

  • Koushik Mullick

    I am IT employee.My company portal for me shows status for “LCA Filing
    Status” as “IN PROCESS” . For few it is” completed”.Does that mean i am
    not selected in lottery.Do you know by which date the lottery results
    with reciept numbers will be sent to the legal teams.Please let me know
    if u have any info……its highly stressfull…..

    • abc

      LCA processing done before filing petition. Mostly your petition was not filed

      • skuda

        yes, mine was filed with the uscis authorities (my status shows as Filed with uscis authorities).Before this status, when it was pending with my company, it showed as LCA filing status in process.

  • vasia

    Can please somebody tells me if it is bad news that i havent got any receipt yet for my H1B petition, despite the fact that I paid for the premium process?

  • SK

    This lottery system was terrible… I know it has been very difficult time for all (it’s still same for many) I just got confirmation about lottery selection (still have to wait for final approval though). It is easy to say keep calm once u get u r approval… but those who are still waiting – all the best keep a little faith ! … I was rejected first time when I went for my student visa 5 years ago… but I knew everything happens for a reason n kept my nerves n then got selected second time… So this can’t be end to the journey (just a little hick up, may be) So stay strong stay positive… Good Luck ! ( and btw I am not from IT, so all those who were praising IT in this forum, u can envy others now :) )

  • guyinUSA

    Both me and my husband have not been selected in this computerised lottery selections. Both of us applied as premium processed. Is there any chance to be selected?

  • VisaHopeful

    regular processing, regular quota. Vermont. got 797C yesterday from employer. it is dated April 19th.

  • Angel – SOme one help

    THanks to this wonderful forum!!! I am working in a MNC in India.
    I’ve been silent watcher on this forum since yesterday. But now am on serious worries as I was not selected so far. When asked, my manager said that my name was not there in the two lists got so far and they are waiting for another list soon. Only 2 got selected in my project so far.
    I just want to know if this is really true, that US Immigrations sending list by list to employers? Because I dont want to be in false hopes. Also, if a person receive RECEIPT number, does that mean they are selected? How can I know that I was rejected in the lottery. Is it worth waiting still? Your answers will be useful for me to speak with my manager.. By when(date), these will be over? PLease someone help me!!!!!

  • rajesh gorijavolu

    Heyy team,

    Based one above procedure, H1b premimum file will get two chances to be select in lottery.(1. First lottery Advanced degree 2. General Degree. is it right ?..