H1B 2014 Lottery Result Check – OPT Candidates

H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Result is a much awaited result some one who have applied for H-1B this year would be waiting for. If you are on OPT or OPT Extension and if your employer applied for H-1B, here is a way to find out if your H-1B petition is picked in the lottery:


H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Result for OPT Candidates – Find How?

  • Firstly, this logic works only for people whose OPT or OPT Extension expires before October 1st, 2014.
  • Verify for sevis record update with your International Student Advisor at your university
  • If the sevis record is said to be updated recently, you may find out what is the end date of expiry for work authorization.
  • If the International Student Advisor mentions the end date of your work authorization as September 30th 2014, it implies that your packet is picked.
  • You can also request receipt number for your International Student Advisor, if he/she is ready to provide it.

This is just another way to know whether your H-1B application packet is picked in the lottery.

NOTE:  If your sevis has not been updated as per your school’s International Student Advisor it is not mandatory or is not implied that your packet is not picked. There might also be delay in updating your sevis or any other issues too.

We H1BWiki would sincerely take the opportunity to thank Vamsi Krishna for giving this valuable information, to share with fellow H1BWiki visitors.

Please note that this is just another way H1BWiki is suggesting for those candidates who applied for H-1B under OPT/ OPT Extension to check their lottery status. If your international advisor at your school is not willing to provide the respective information, you may need to wait for the update from the USCIS. Good Luck to you all!

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  • Hari

    i did contact school and they emailed me saying change of status set to “pending” does that mean my packed has been picked up?

    • Suraj Gundapaneni

      Congrats..!! I believe it is picked, you can ask your DSO for receipt number.

  • Venkat

    Thanks dude, good article

    My Int’l adviser conveys that my SEVIS end date is SEPT 30

  • H1B Hopeful

    I have just checked with my University Advisor and found out that my SEVIS record is NOT updated yet. Should I still be positive about my H1B lottery?

  • Dinesh

    I Got news today from my employer that my Application is picked. Master and non-Premium so guys we can still stay positive. I received it after i almost lost hopes.

  • kumar

    is there any way to find weather employer filed the h1 or not???

  • Raj

    still didn’t receive any update on h1B 2014. can some one let me know how long it will take to get the receipt note.

  • Lost Hope

    I did not receive any update i have lost the hope now …………………

  • srb

    i got a receipt number from sevis but attorney says he did not receive anything yet? what does this mean? do waitlisted applications also have a receipt number? please help. worried

    • Swaroop Gujjarlapudi

      I have the same situation this year.. Can you please let me know what could be the reason? And can i know what happened with your case last year..

  • geemali

    i applied in Regular processing. Did not get update yet.
    Did anybody waiting like this.

  • Anonymous

    Regular processing/ California Service Center/ Regular cap (Bachelor’s candidate here)
    No updates received so far, none from the School either on the SEVIS record.
    Anyone else in the same boat?

    Do people know if USCIS has started rolling out the reject notifications?

  • Anonymous

    I am under OPT and it will expire Sept. 1, 2013. My employer is willing to offer me a job after OPT expiration date and support me with a working visa. But I wasn’t sure whether my employer can apply for H1B visa or not since it seems like the cap for 2014 exceeds pretty fast.

    Please someone helps me! Thank you!

    • Help

      you have extension left on your opt? If not, I am afraid you don’t have much option.

  • Looks dark

    My OPT expires after Oct 1 2013 (i.e 25th Oct). Still i reached out to my school with hope to get any update and they told me my work authorization date is same i.e Oct 25th 2013 and they also told me Your SEVIS record does not currently show your H1B pending application. Haven’t heard back anything from employer too.

    I know i should not be keeping hope alive. But do want to have answer either way.

    Any comments?

    • Akhil

      According to normal USCIS data entry and processing we should wait until May 2nd or 3rd week for USCIS return rejected applications back to us until then we just have to wait ours might be last

  • Manish Tuteja

    It worked for STEM OPT extension as well.
    I am on STEM extension which expires in July 2014.

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone got thenotification that my H1-B petition has been picked up for initial review. The original receipt date was for Apr 19 but my employer did not inform me until May 1st.
    Regular processing/ California Service Center/ Regular cap (Bachelor’s candidate here) in case you’re wondering. Good luck to everyone!!

  • Angel – SOme one help

    THanks to this wonderful forum!!! I am working in a MNC in India.
    I’ve been silent watcher on this forum since yesterday. But now am on serious worries as I was not selected so far. When asked, my manager said that my name was not there in the two lists got so far and they are waiting for another list soon. Only 2 got selected in my project so far.
    I just want to know if this is really true, that US Immigrations sending list by list to employers? Because I dont want to be in false hopes. Also, if a person receive RECEIPT number, does that mean they are selected? How can I know that I was rejected in the lottery. Is it worth waiting still? Your answers will be useful for me to speak with my manager.. By when(date), these will be over? PLease someone help me!!!!! At the earliest

    • Navdeep singh

      I am also on the same boat, my manager is saying the same………ur application is pending with USCIS….i dont knw what he means…..:(

    • napster

      I suggest you to have patience atleast until this end of the month. Your employer/organization might have applied 100′s of requests and it will take time for your internal immigration team to process the approvals also. With my organization they don’t reveal it this early as it’s a pain process to reveal by each applicant.

    • vishnu


      It may be true that immigration guys sending the receipts list by list. I believe they are send the lists to EMPLOYER BY EMPLOYER in the order followed by

      Masters premium
      Masters regular
      Bachelors premium
      Bachrlors regular

      Differently from vermont and california service centres and hence their may be multiple lists.

    • pavan

      Hi Angel
      Would like what was the applied count out of which 2 got selected.

  • SSS

    I received my rejection letter. EAD expires on December 2013. Wondering if anyone in same boat and has ideas how to legally stay in the US while continuing to work ?

    • mpsince1990

      Did you do premium processing or Regular?

    • Raj_2086

      You can join a school again; there are schools which provide CPT on joining the school…you might have to research on it.

  • Prasanna

    I haven’t received my receipt number yet

    Still is there any hope for me.
    Friende plz give me some information as ii am eagerly waiting

  • vaithi

    I am working in mnc company in india still i did not receive any update on lot results ..totally lost hope whether all the petition results have been send by USCIS?

  • Hem

    I have not received the status of my H1B petition as yet :(

  • muskaan

    I have applied for my h1b on Regular processing. Did not get update yet. Did anybody waiting like this till date.. I completly lost my hope.

    • sharan

      Regular processing usually takes more time so don’t lose your hope!

    • Aaryaa

      Same with me, Still waiting for any update. My employer asked me to wail till month last. Finger crossed.

  • Corrector

    This is not true for lottery Pick up.

    This condition is only true for H1 approvals , I have one example for this :

    If your application is picked in lottery and without processing or approving your application why would your Employment End date will be adjusted ?

    • Hope

      Corrector, what you are saying seems very logical. It doesn’t make sense that they would change your employment date if they have not actual fully approved your case. Can anyone else attest to that?

      • N

        The H-1B Cap Gap Extension allows certain students with ‘PENDING’ or approved H-1B petitions to remain in the U.S. in F-1 status until the start date of their approved H-1B employment period. So, If your H-1B petition is denied or withdrawn and your OPT has ended, your status ends 60 days from the date posted on your denial/withdrawal.

  • Theresa

    My school advisor saw an update on my status on April 15 from F to H under process but the OPT expiration date remains the same on May 14. Does it mean that I got picked in the lottery?

    • Nick


    • max

      was your application under premium processing or normal processing?

  • manju

    Hi I applied in masters premium quota still waiting? do i still have chances?

    • dileep

      i am waiting as well, and my university is not cooperating with providing this information. they are playing hide and seek.. can any one confirm this ” premium applications get processed first and then USCIS starts processing normal applications no matter if it is masters or general quota” is this true or a myth?

      • dileep

        And will that mean, that any one still waiting in premium processing has to lose their hope with their application?

  • Hope

    87,000 people will be lottery rejects this year, many of them risk loosing their jobs, there might be just enough angry people this year to get this to the White House: PLEASE SIGN THIS

  • Dileep Kumar

    can any one confirm this ” premium applications get processed first and then USCIS starts processing normal applications no matter if it is masters or general quota” is this true or a myth?

  • James. J

    Good deal! Thanks for sharing!! We all waiting with anxious and blessing!!!

  • gamesofluck

    I checked with my university and they said it has been updated on April 15 for CAP GAP till Sept 30. But my attorney has not received anything. Does it mean I will soon receive it?

    • p

      I assume so. Were you premium processing? And California or Vermont?

      • Gameoflucks

        I am PP / CA/ AD

        Attorney has still not heard anything !
        I have my doubts if SEVIS changes mean anything as it has been a week since the info was updated .. Could be a glitch?

    • p

      And congrats! :)

    • May

      CONGRATULATION, did your employer sent a petition as a regular or premium process?

  • hari

    I asked with my university DSO today morning on SEVIS update. But, my SEVIS not changed. I applied for Master’s Premium Vermont center. Is SEVIS update only CAP-GAP case? Bcoz my OPT extension is up to MARCH 2015. Guys pls let me know if I have any chances for lottery?

  • Ranadeep

    My work authorization expires after october 1st(OPT-Ex expires on Oct 10th) Can I check with my international advisor too ?

  • May

    If my employer applied with the regular processing instead of the premium, should i already have it changed on my OPT, or since I am RP it will take longer for them to update?
    Thank you!!

    • May

      I just learned yesterday that it will take longer for your OPT to update, I am in the same situation then you

  • anu

    My opt is going to expire on Oct 21, 2014. I called to my school, but they says it wasn’t updated. Can i still hope? Please reply

    • May

      did your employer filed a petition under premium or regular processing ? Are you advanced degree or general cap?

  • XQ

    So my intl adviser said there is no change in sevis status or work authorization expiration date…
    i have a BA and applied with premium processing…
    does this mean I didn’t get it?
    appreciate any insight I can get – if I’m getting kicked out and losing my job this summer, would be great to start planning for next moves sooner rather than later…
    thanks all!

  • Narendra

    Hello everyone
    I’m pursuing Master’s program at Murray state University. I want to know H1B lottery pickup. Does it purely depends on which university we studied or it doesn’t matters unless we had a Master’s degree at any kind of university in USA either private/state university