H-1B Stamping at Canada – U.S. Visa Application Process

usacanadaAttending visa interview at a U.S. consulate in Canada for H-1B stamping has been most commonly heard practices, apart from getting H-1B stamped at home country. The process of applying for Canadian visa and steps to follow has been dealt in one of my previous posts. This post describes about what to do post getting your Temporary Resident Visa for Canada.

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Once you have got your temporary resident visa, you may start your application process. Here are some brief steps you need to follow to apply for visa stamping at Canada:

Fill DS-160:

You may start filling up the DS-160 form once you receive your temporary resident visa.

The DS-160 form can be filled using the link mentioned below:


You need to specify the consulate location at the very first page. So, by then you must have to decide which location in Canada you would want to attend your visa interview at.

The whole process of filling the DS-160 forms and submitting the application is similar to what is done while filing from India or any other country. Once you submit the application, you need to save the DS-160 confirmation number for your future reference which is necessary while blocking your H-1B slot.

Pay MRV Fees:

MRV(Machine Readable Visa) fee or the visa application fee needs to be paid before you could book your visa slot. Note that there are few methods using which visa fee can be paid. Note that visa fee can be paid online, on phone or at one of the branches of Scotiabank.

Check out the different Fee payment options available:


Book H-1B Slot at U.S. Embassy in Canada:

Before you book your slot, you need to make sure you have the DS-160 confirmation number, passport and credit card (If you want to pay MRV Fee online); and then proceed for booking.

You can book your H-1B visa slot using the following link:


You need to create an account at the above mentioned URL and then you may proceed to book your slot. As mentioned earlier, you may pay the visa fees after you create account at this level. After paying the visa fee, you may proceed to select a date for your visa interview. If your required date is unavailable, you could log out and log in at a later time to check back. Once you book your slot, you will receive a confirmation email.

Following the above few steps, you would finish the visa application process. Once booked a slot, the remaining things to do is to book a flight ticket, gather necessary documentation and prepare for the visa interview.

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    your information is like a service…..thank you n god bless you!!!!

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    Thanks for the detailes steps to get the H1b stamping from Canada. This helped me a lot.

  • Swaroop Murthy

    I was wondering about something…while applying for the canadian visitor visa, a required document seems to be “Letter of Invitation”. If you’re visiting Canada for a US consulate appointment, would you need to submit this letter?
    Should I book the appointment with US consulate prior to applying Canada visa?

  • t.ram

    Hello, what is the advantage of going to Canada for visa interview rather than going to India?