H1B VISA 2014 – The Race Begins Today!

H-1B Visa 2014 Applications are officially being accepted from today by the USCIS. The applications are for the Fiscal Year 2014, which starts from October 1st 2013 and ends September 30th 2014.

According to the predictions by the USCIS, huge number of applications is expected to arrive with in the first 5 days from today and it is probably that there would be a necessity for a lottery this fiscal year, just like how the lottery was held or the Fiscal Year 2009. For those who plan to file for H-1B during this fiscal year, it is time to file them as soon as possible within the first 5 days of April 2013.

Check the post on USCIS Update regarding H-1B Petition Acceptance and Premium Processing Dates

H1B Visa 2014 – Premium Processing

USCIS mentions applicants can file under premium processing starting April 1st 2013.  Although, premium processing at the USCIS will start from April 15th 2013. So, if you are filing your H-1B application under premium processing you may likely not hear from the USCIS before April 30th 2013.



The current H-1B Visa Cap is 65,000 visa cap each year, with an additional of 20,000 visas dedicated for master’s category applicants.

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Check out the H1B Visa 2014 Q&A to learn about the process and procedure.


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H1BWiki will provide the visitors regular updates on the H-1B Visa Cap and predictions. If you have any questions regards to filing your H-1B Visa, write us to admin@h1bwiki.com and we will be glad to assit you.

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  • Ravi

    What is the prediction for 20,000 master’s cap?. Would they get over within 5 days?

  • N

    Does USCIS update the number of petitions recd. everyday? Or will we get to know the number of applications only after April 5th?

    • venu

      Not everyday. You can expect an updates on April 5th

    • Prasath

      where we can see this counts or number ?

  • kishor n

    H1B 2014 Filings unofficial Updates:

    Source 1 (immi law):
    1) There are unofficial reports coming out from various sources relating to the FEDEX, UPS, USPS indicating that there were massive (5 digits) overnight deliveries to the California Service Center and Vermont Service Center today, April 1. Please stay tuned for development of this news.
    2) Attorneys and AILA report that there was a failure of delivery of the H-1B cap filings by FEDEX yesterday and currently situation appears to be fluid. No one knows the exact cause of these delays. It could be related to the Service Centers’ demand to cope with the mountain of packages or Fedex own problem. The employers are advised not to worry too much about the reach of cap, because as this site repeatedly advised the employers, delay time would not affect their cases for the purpose of cap inasmuch as they are delivered to the facilities of CSC or VSC befond the end of the agency’s business day on Friday, April 5, 2013. Relax, employers!

    Source 2 (ilw):
    1) As of this writing early Tuesday morning, April 2, USCIS has not yet, to the best of my knowledge, released any figures about how many H-1B cap petitions were received on April 1, but a FedEx representative looking into my two undelivered packages told me that 23,000 packages came in the two VSC locations handling H-1B cap cases (including both regular filing and premium processing addresses).
    2) I had sent out for “guaranteed” April 1 delivery by FedEx this past weekend, did not in fact arrive at the Vermont Service Center that day, but were held up in the Memphis TN hub FedEx office because of heavy volume at the FedEx location which serves the VSC

    Prediction: It would be a reasonable assumption that the H-1B cap may be reached this week and a lottery may be triggered.

    • vishnuasus85

      Thanks for posting it here

  • vel

    Any know the exact date of H1B Lottery Date for general category?
    Any updates for general quota?

  • MJ

    My H1 application was filed under premium processing and I believe the Premium applications are responded to within 15 days which starts from 15th Apr so, how come my attorney did not hear anything so far. Is this delay expected for premium applications or should I assume my application has not been selected.

    Please advise.