H1B Visa 2014: Approximately around 124,000 petitions were received by the USCIS with in the first 5 days of April 2013, for the Fiscal Year 2014. The lottery process to select the 20,000 petitions to be further adjudicated under master’s category and the 65,000 petitions to be further adjudicated under general category (which included the remaining advanced degree category petitions not selected under master’s category) has been COMPLETE this Sunday, April 7th 2013.

As expected a computer-generate random selection process was used to select the sufficient number of petitions to be further processed.

Check the H1B 2014 USCIS Lottery Process followed by the USCIS for Fiscal Year 2014


What Next?

  • Selected Petitions List sent to Processing Centers

The list of the selected petitions is sent to the appropriate service centers for further adjudication of the petitions. The service centers would then continue with the final processing on those petitions.

  • Selected Petitions Receive Receipt Letter

In regards to all the petitions selected through the lottery process, the petitioners will receive a receipt notice, with the EAC Number, useful to track the status of your petition.

  • USCIS returns unselected Petitions with Fee

The USCIS will return those petitions not selected in the lottery to the respective petitioners along with the fee. It is also important to know that the duplicate filings will be returned without the fee.

  • Wait-listed Petitions

Some of the petitions would be marked “wait-listed” by the USCIS and those petitions were also selected under the lottery. These wait-list petitions may possibly replace petitions selected under the lottery for Fiscal Year 2014, but are subsequently denied, withdrawn, or otherwise found ineligible. USCIS will retain these petitions until a decision is made whether they will replace a previously selected petition

  • Premium Processing

For those petitions applied under premium processing, USCIS will begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases on April 15, 2013.

H1BWiki Analysis

According to the statistics provided by the USCIS, we would assume about 65 percent of the candidates would hold a chance to get their petitions reviewed for further processing. About 35 percent of the petitions would be rejected for the Fiscal Year 2014.

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  • Me

    What is the source of this article? USCIS has not released any alerts regarding H-1B since 4/5/13.

  • lionking
    • Hope

      I did my part to spread this.

  • venkat

    Any idea when will the selected candidates will get the receipt information?

    • RollofaDice

      Just received my receipt!


        have you seriously received the receipt?

        • RollofaDice

          Yes. My lawyer emailed it. It was under general cap, premium processing.

        • ivaris

          I think it might be premium or US masters quota. for 65k cap we r hoping to receive next week.

      • fingers crossed

        Did you file under premium processing?

      • Very Upset!

        Ok….that doesn’t bode well then. Did it come through the post?

        • h1bsucks

          for all the ones that did premium processing, you (either your attorney or the employer ) gets an email confirmation with unique EAC no, one of my friend got it today through her employer, i guess all the ones that did regular processing will have to wait at least two weeks or more

        • mrloko

          Premium Processing petitions are being notified with Receipt # on email mentioned in Petition form, usually their attorney’s email. Email clearly states Petitioner (Employer) and Beneficiary (employee)

      • DI

        Were you california or vermont?

    • Very Upset!

      Really want to know the answer to this question!

  • venkat

    Any idea when the selected candidates will receive the receipt information

    • saritha

      I have heard a few my friends get their reciept this morning

      • ivaris

        can u check whether is under premium or US masters quota? for 65k cap we r hoping to receive next week

  • Not fair

    This is completely unfair for engineers and fair for software fucking idiots

    • lol

      yeah, we fuck guys like you

    • h1bsucks

      who the hell are you to say whats fair and unfair, this is America, it really doesn’t matter if you have a Phd or a Bachelor’s degree whether you work for Microsoft or a Desi consultancy, everyone should have equal opportunity

      • FOG

        Do you hear yourself? Are you actually saying that a pHd grad and a Bachelors grad are on the same footing?

        I agree that they both are human beings and deserve to be treated equally, but this isn’t a basic human rights issue. This is about career opportunities based on education, potential impact and economic value. So no, a pHd candidate is far far more deserving of the opportunity than a Masters, and a Masters is far far more deserving than a Bachelors candidate.

        This system of having random companies applying for thousands of VISAS is broken. Anyway it hardly matters now, given that the lottery is already done, but I cannot imagine how you can assert that this is fair to people already settled in the U.S.

        • Parvez Ahmad

          The number of jobs for a bachelor grads are much more than for PHD grads. The purpose of H1B is to fill the vacant jobs and not favouring any category of people. So by that logic bachelors should be given more preference.

          • FOG

            Yes and this lottery isn’t for people looking for jobs. Its for people who ALREADY have them. So what does it matter if there are more jobs for bachelors than for pHds?

      • kjkjol

        This is unfair to you if you have a master degree from top10 universities.

    • anonymous

      This is a competition bro…compete or die….dont bark. mf

      • SRK

        So you are MF’s brother..

  • AB

    how and when would a person know that his H-1B application has not been selected in lottery ???

  • .

    how the fuck is it possible to file twice for a person ?? Surely that is not a fair random picks of candidates …

    • Parvez Ahmad

      Not it is not possible anymore. USCIS is going to reject the candidate if you file duplicate.

  • Naren

    i received my receipt today

    • to naresh

      did you do premium processing??

    • Andrea

      Are you premium processing?

  • vijay

    I got my EAC number

  • LS

    Got the receipt today!! Premium processing under masters quota

  • disappointed

    So, is that it? Whoever received the receipt today, received and everyone else can expect the denied petition to be returned?

  • Avi

    Received the receipt today. Mine was premium processing, hence got the confirmation through email to my lawyer. Regular cases will be notified by post to lawyer office. Good luck to all the waiting guys.

  • PP

    i received my EAC no. yesterday morning..

  • roy

    received today 12.30…Master..PP vermont center

  • Sophia

    Received the receipt this morning from lawyer. PP under bachelor pool.

  • Machine

    General 65k cap chance of being selected always 62.5%

  • SK

    Has any one from Master’s but regular process received notification/email/mail after 9th? it’s been 5 days already…

    • test


  • H1b

    US is lack of only IT professionals and doctors….they don’t need any other

    • SK

      Oh really? DO you have that statistics handy Sir/Mam/Else Do you think the world run only by IT professionals and Doctors? God Bless You !

      • sam_d

        when did he say who runs the world. He is right.. American economy needs people in IT and medical sector – mainly because either they have enough people for other sectors or that sector is not growing that first. For example manufacturing is one field where they do not need people as most of the manufacturing has moved to China and other eastern countries.

  • chang

    Guys, can you please input what date did you hear whether or not your H1B was selected in lottery, and whether it was in Master’s quota, premium processing or regular? It would help create a log of dates and would help set expectations for those of us who haven’t heard at all yet! My case was masters quota and premium processing, but I haven’t heard anything at all!

    • rajeev g

      all the cases selected by lottery are selected on 8th April (i.e on next day of lottery). if you have applied thru consultant or lawyer he wud get the mail immediately.
      in case u apply thru employer, he will take 2 to 3 weeks to update u.
      my case got selected thru lottery on 8th but cane to know thru employer only on 22nd.

      • Sachin

        Hi Rajeev,
        Congratulations!! In my case its filed by my employer. But till today I have not heard from my employer about the status. Is there a way to check the status?

        • rajeev g

          till u get yur receipt no, u cannot track yur petition.
          uscis processes 2500 petitions per day. it takes 26 days for entire 65k petitions.
          from 8th april, 26 days leads to May 13th.
          all selected petitions will be known by May 13th.

  • rajeev g

    finally got the receipt no yesterday (22nd April 2013) from VSC. I applied thru general qouta, regular processing. am working for Indian IT company. my case got approved on 8th April (next day of lottery). My friends are waiting to get their receipt nos.

    • Siri

      does it mean that, you are in the initial review stage.

      • rajeev g

        yes, as far as I know, the visas getting thru the lottery will be assigned to ‘Initial Review’ stage in the USCIS site. i am able to see it in their official website. 2 of my friends have got their receipt nos yest from CSC.

        • Vin

          Congratulations Rajeev.. Mine is also general quota and regular processing. Still not heard anything. My friends have also not got any information.. Its so hard waiting. Best of luck to all the ppl who are still waiting for the confirmation.

    • Mary

      I applied through regular processing and general quota and received my EAC number today, my lawyer called and said this meant I got through the lottery and am currently on the intial review stage. Good luck to you

  • SM

    Anyone’s got a confirmation on Yes from uscis..

  • rajeev g

    in our office floor, 11 ppl applied for h1b this year.
    5 ppl got their receipt nos. 6 ppl r still waiting.