H1B VISA 2014 Lottery 2 Weeks Update

H1B Visa 2014 Lottery updates from the USCIS is still in progress to those candidates selected in lottery either in regular or premium processing. Those who are waiting on the lottery update on your petition, either regular processing or premium processing; advanced degree category or general category, do not lose hope. The USCIS is still updating the respective petitioners on the lottery status.  H1BWiki ran a Facebook poll on H1BWiki Facebook Fan Page and this is how the poll results looks like:


H1B VISA 2014 Lottery Update

According to the poll results, emails H1BWiki received and through other sources:

  • H1B Visa 2014 Lottery updates being sent to the employers, still in progress.
  • Lottery updates are still being sent by the USCIS for candidates whose petitions are under Premium processing or Regular Processing and under General Category or Advanced Degree Category.
  • USCIS is sending updates to the employers through emails or via regular mail.
  • Those candidates who applied under premium processing also started to receive a decision from USCIS on their application. There are a few candidates who got their H-1B approved and received a decision via mail.
  • For those candidates not selected in lottery, The USCIS will return those petitions to the respective petitioners along with the fee. H1BWiki did not receive any emails mentioning about their petition not being selected. If you have heard of any cases, please email us at admin@h1bwiki.com so that we can update fellow H1BWiki visitors.


Lottery Selection Receipt

If your petition is selected under lottery, USCIS will send an email or mail to your employer. Here is the sample document how the Receipt number is sent by the USCIS to those petitioners, whose H-1B petitions of filed candidates are selected:


H1BWiki Facebook Poll

If your petition was a part of the H1B VISA 2014 Lottery, please take the poll so that it would help us to provide for a better analysis:


H1BWiki congratulates those who are selected in the H1B VISA 2014 Lottery and wishes good luck to those who are waiting on a decision from the USCIS.

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  • Adi

    This Forum is really helpful. thank you all for prompt and quick responses. I have 2 pressing questions. 1. Well does anyone have any idea on the number of Masters Applications the USCIS has received this year? 2. How long should this whole selection process take ?
    Thanks in Advance for any attempts to reply.

  • Abhi

    My OPT ends on June 10th, 2013, i have applied for H1, i haven’t heard anything yet from my employer. Even they say the same thing that they did not hear anything from uscis. My friends (from same employer) got their receipt numbers, some got email saying” your package has been picked up”. etc

    To the worst case scenario, if my h1b gets rejected, can i go on dependency on my husband (his h1 got approved this time, he got confirmation) ?

    • srikanth

      Hi ,
      Even you Opt ends also if you are still in the project there may be chance to utilise CAP GAP for next year . Note you should must be in project . You can go on dependence oh you Hubby visa as H4

  • shaher

    My H1B was approved but currently I am in travel outside my country for two months. Is it OK to postpone the interview with the US consulate for two months.

    • Pavan

      What interview are you talking about? if you meant the H1B stamping interview in consulate, you can only get you stamping done after October.

      • Shweta

        Can anyone tell me what is Application Filed Date and USCIS Received Date?? In my H1B receipt its mention Received Date and Notice Date.

  • KT

    First thnks to this forum..it is really v.help ful…my questions is “By when, all petitioners receive ACCEPT/REJECT confirmation results from USCIS lottery..” Thanks in advacne.. :)

  • Curious

    I got a WAC number does it mean i am selected in the lottery…

    • joydeep


  • Navaneeth

    I got an EAC number, does that mean I am selected in lottery?

    • Waiting


  • Lashmi

    I didnt heard anything from my employer…is USCIS still sending updates about selection or all slections are complete. Pls let me know

    • Pavan

      What category do you belong to? If you belong to Advanced Degree category then just have some patience and you will receive your receipt from your lawyer..if you are regular quota premium processing..then you should have received by now..if you are regular quota regular processing then wait for another week or two..people are still receiving receipts..I got mine last week..and a friend of mine received it this week..

  • BP

    How much time will it take for sending the complete notification to all the petitioners that whether the visa is approved/rejected by USCIS.I am also waiting for my result.

    • Rupa

      I am also in the same situation. Does no receipt number till now mean that I didn’t clear the lottery ?

      • Sumanth

        It doesnt necessarly mean that …. USCIS send the petition updates employer wise …

        • VJ

          If the USCIS send the petition updates employer wise, does it mean EXAMPLE, if an employer gets 4 confirmation out of 10, then the remaining 6 are rejected ? if not, does others still have chance to go through the lottery ?

  • Nirmal

    I am currently working on CPT, Have not received my masters degree yet. My employer filed H1B petition for me based on my bachelors degree. Is there any difference now or in future in H1B visa in case of masters quota or general quota ?? does this affect green card procedures ? if any one can help me please . … Thanks in advance

  • sindhu

    did anyone received lottery results??any time frame…

    • Pavan

      I received mine last week. if you are advanced degree, regular quota..chances are you might receive this week .they are mailing out receipts for regular processing slowly

      • Nag

        I did not get til now, can we check status by any chance

      • sindhu

        thanks Pavan.. Still waiting for the results

  • thankful girl

    Received my Receipt # today from my employer.
    Received Date: April 8, 2013
    Notice Date: April 25, 2013
    Good luck to those who haven’t received yet. Don’t lose hope. Good things comes to those who wait.

    • Raghu


      Congrats who got selected in lottery.

      My application(WAC131425XXXX) got selected in lottery but not sure how many day will it take for approve.

      Anyone got update on Regular Quota / Regular Processing / No Advance Degree / Applied from India / California Centre.


      • buntra

        Why do you need to provide details of your application here? Do you know by when will you actually receive H1B in your hand? Has your employer not told you this?

  • MJ

    My H1 application was filed under premium processing and I believe the Premium applications are responded to within 15 days which starts from 15th Apr so, how come my attorney did not hear anything so far. Is this delay expected for premium applications or should I assume my application has not been selected.

    Please advise.

    • H1B aspirant

      Most likely not selected. Premium cases are all cleared….

  • Pvn

    I don’t think they send employer wise. My employer files 70 and he got confirmation for 22 so far, not all at once. Mine is picked couple of days back. Don’t lose hope, be patient. Good Luck.

    • VJ

      Thanks for the good words ..

  • anonymous

    I too waiting for my H1B regular filing approval status, more times it’s scary when thinking of this, as the results are real mystery until we get it..

  • http://twitter.com/bhushanbrb1 Bhushan Bhange

    I have received receipt number and I checked status on USCIS site . It is in Initial Review. THis indicates I am selected in Lottery .. Please suggest.

  • H1B Regular

    I have received receipt number and I checked status on USCIS site . It is in Initial Review. THis indicates I am selected in Lottery .. Please suggest.

  • koolbones

    Hi , I got a confirmation with my EAC number, and when i check the status of it in USCIS, it is under Initial Review. Does it mean the my H1b application has been picked in the lottery?

    Could somebody Please let me know or suggest on this?

  • H1B Regular


    I did not get any communication from my employer on the H1 b application status.

    when can i assume that my application is not picked ? Is there any deadline to receive the receipt number?


  • Hope4best

    Hi Guys,

    I have applied in regular quota , till now i did not get any information that my application picked in lottery.

    Still do i need to keep hopes.

  • VJ

    is the 65000 quota over for 2014 ?

  • Angel – SOme one help

    THanks to this wonderful forum!!! I am working in a MNC in India.
    I’ve been silent watcher on this forum since yesterday. But now am on serious worries as I was not selected so far. When asked, my manager said that my name was not there in the two lists got so far and they are waiting for another list soon. Only 2 got selected in my project so far.
    I just want to know if this is really true, that US Immigrations sending list by list to employers? Because I dont want to be in false hopes. Also, if a person receive RECEIPT number, does that mean they are selected? How can I know that I was rejected in the lottery. Is it worth waiting still? Your answers will be useful for me to speak with my manager.. By when(date), these will be over? PLease someone help me!!!!! SOme one reply..

    • AJ

      I just want to know if this is really true, that US Immigrations sending list by list to employers? – I don’t think this is true, USCIS does not send list by list or process the petitions for all employers from a company at once and send the results. It is all randomly selected. Also, if a person receive RECEIPT number, does that mean they are selected? – Yes, a person is selected when he/she receives a receipt number. How can I know that I was rejected in the lottery. Is it worth waiting still? – You can know if you are NOT selected in the lottery when you haven’t received any receipt number from your employer/Your application petition package has been returned by USCIS to your employer. According to Murthy/com update on May 10th, they still haven’t received any rejection packages from USCIS. So, there is STILL hope left. By when(date), these will be over? – I don’t think anyone knows the answer for this, but you might wait atleast until the end of May to be sure that your case didn’t get selected in the lottery. Good luck!

  • Spock

    Does someone know if the USCIS is still processing the rejected petitions from the lottery or are they generating the receipts? thx in advance

  • Darth Vedar

    Does any one know whether USCIS is still processing the applicaitons. i have applied in regular process and am still waiting for response. Do i need to assume that it is rejected. my employer says he did not receive any confirmation yet.

  • dcy


    Posted On: May 17, 2013
    inShare | More Sharing ServicesShare

    USCIS Service Center Operations indicated on a May 15, 2013 call with AILA that as of Friday, May 10th all data entry was completed and receipt notices have been sent.

    Rejection notices have also started to be sent out.

    Please allow until the end of May for delivery of receipt/rejection notices.

    Source of Information: “AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 13041600 (posted May. 16, 2013)”

    Below the link for the above news..
    Update on Receipt Notices for FY2014 H-1B Cap Cases

  • Sk

    Got an official rejection on Friday- 17th May, h it was applied in premium processing. Tough break unfortunately. Anyway, good luck for the regular processing applicants who are still waiting to hear. I will begin to try for alternatives.

  • Sam

    I’ve still not received any update on h1b lottery. Is it true that USCIS sent’s the petitions not picked up in the lottery only after May.
    Should I keep hope.

    • AJ

      People started receiving petitions that weren’t picked-up by USCIS, by Mid-May. But you could still keep hope if you didn’t receive rejection petition from USCIS.

  • kirankumar

    I have not got any reciept yet….if anyone gets please update…

  • kirankumar

    Anyone got rejections …..return reciept…!

  • Siddhartha

    After petitions gets selected in lottery, is there a chance that it will get rejected in later stage?
    I understand that we are yet to get our receipt number and some may enter RFE too, it also might get delayed(4-6months) but ultimatley we will get the visa, am I right?

  • Dhiraj

    Hi, my company applied my H1B in regular quota, my application is selected in lottery but till showing in initial review. My current L1B visa going to expire on 1st sep 2013. So my company going to file L1B extension to fill this one month gap. Is this legal to stay here and continue on H1B from 1st oct 2013?

  • Viral

    I checked my status and it shows as “Waiting for updates from USCIS”, what does it mean?
    And how much are the chances that i’l clear?